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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Foodie Blogs and Why I HATE Them: A PSA

I basically hate foodie/recipe blogs. And it's not because of their focus that I hate them. I love food and cooking as much (maybe more so) than most people. But have you ever followed the link for a delicious-looking recipe, wanting to know how to make it and the ingredients involved, only to spend the next 15 minutes reading about someone's grandfather that used to make this particular recipe. Or how picking their kids up from school inspired them to create it? I've literally had to scroll through PAGES of non-essential information just to get to the recipe. Which, by the way, is usually found at the very bottom of the page or on another website and with  nothing more than a link to the original.

So here's my PSA for all of you food/recipe bloggers out there. Shut. Up. No one cares. I know that sounds harsh, but all we really want is to get the recipe. We do not want to background, how your day went, where your grandparents came from...blah, blah, blah. Put the recipe at the top of the page if you absolutely feel that you must include that information. Then, if someone really is into your daily life and adventures, they can read it. 

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