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Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Further Complaint on Blogs and Articles

So it may seem I'm full of complaints lately. Given my predisposition toward foodie/recipe blogs. But here's another one that hopefully many of us can relate to. POP UP ADS! Even though I use blockers on both my desktop and phone, it seems like these little buggers can invade our web viewing no matter what. Often, it's advertisements that the bloggers or the website have added to their own site, not just Google or spammer ads.

Let me set up the scenario for you:

You find an article or blog that you really want to read. You're reading through it and suddenly the screen goes a little bit darker and BAM, there's an advertisement obliterating whatever it was you were reading. So now you're a little aggravated, to say the least, and trying to close out of it without accidentally clicking on the ad. You can't find the little 5 pixel font with the words "Close" and the magical "X". Someone wants you to subscribe to their newsletter and you can't go anywhere or do ANYTHING without giving out your email, your mother's maiden name, your social, your next of kin, your dog's favorite chew toy, last known address of your third cousin... You see where I'm going with this?

Or how about the ones where it redirects you to ANOTHER page which is obviously collecting all vital information from your computer or phone and using it against you. Before you know it, someone in a third world country is racking up a $200 charge at the Walgreens on your debit card and every contact in your phone book hates you because they've received a text directing them to a site that collects the same information from them! Ok, so maybe a little overly dramatic, but let's face it, it happens.

It's irritating and invasive. As a web designer I try to limit the advertisements and pop ups that will cause my readers and viewers to navigate AWAY from the web page. Does anyone ever intentionally click on these ads and actually buy something? There's nothing wrong with monetizing, but it can be done without throwing it in your viewer's face and demanding that they sign up for or buy something. It's very unattractive.

So, for the love of Pete, please please please please please DO NOT integrate pop ups into your website or monetize in this fashion. You're losing viewers, shoppers, and readers. 

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