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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peruvian String Art

So by all everyone knows how much I love being a few generations behind myself. Recently I found some pretty amazing earrings on Etsy that I thought were just beautiful and I wondered how I could make them. The artist called them Peruvian String Art earrings and there were a few others like her selling similar items. I had heard of string art before, but did not know what the difference was between Peruvian and the style they create using boards. Turns out, not a lot.

Peruvian String Art uses wire for the base form with smaller gauge wire coiled and placed on the base wire. Thin string, such as embroidery, cotton yarn, and thread, is place between the coils of the top wire. String can be woven on top of each other at different starting positions to create layered looks and multiple color combinations. I made a set of earrings to match a dress that I made and found them to be quite easy and fun. In my first pair I used 3 colors, proving this is not a difficult technique.

Here are some examples of ones that I found on Etsy:
Funky Lobez

Rubys Handiwork

Southern Breeze Studio
In a few days I will be adding a tutorial on how to make these earrings. I have gathered some supplies and a few tips along the way, which I think you would enjoy seeing. Most of these seem to be in some type of circular or teardrop shape, with the exception of the half moon earrings (which I think are VERY cool, btw). I'm also thinking that there are more shape possibilities. I have also seen double hoop and beaded designs, so there are possibilities for expansion.

Until next time, happy crafting.


  1. Absolutely LOVE them ... makes me want to start wearing ear-rings again!!

  2. Let me know what color(s) you would like if you do decide and I'll make you a pair!


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